Wedding photo at Salsa Heat Dance Studio
Shane Edwards Photography

Wedding photo at Salsa Heat Dance Studio

The Salsa Heat Dance Studio is a lovely location for your wedding reception. It is located in Downtown Kissimmee not far from US 192 or Main Street. The venue is beautifully decorated and elegant in every way. About an hour after the ceremony the couple arrived in the limo. As they were announced I could tell they were taken back by the beauty and warmth of the venue. Their friends and family waiting with love and happiness. It wasn't long before I began to photograph the couples expression and emotions. In order to capture spontaneous and genuine emotions you need to be a little patient. Part of being a good photographer is to set your self up to capture a spontaneous moment. I use off camera flash during the reception. This gives me the ability to deliver images that have depth, emotion and mood. Knowing where to place my flash and camera to achieve an accurate image is key. In this image you can see the emotions and expressions in both Nelson and Stephanie's face. I think this adds drama and depth to the image. Without using off camera flash this image would be dull, flat and uninteresting. This great venue in Kissimmee offers the photographer many different approaches when photographing the reception.  

Location: 401 N Main St, Kissimmee, FL 34744.

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