Paradise Cove Wedding
Shane Edwards Photography

Paradise Cove Wedding

Heather and David choose Paradise Cove as their wedding venue for several reasons. One they love the lake side ceremony. The beach is a gorgeous white sand beach. The venue overlooks a large lake. They also love the outdoor covered reception area. The reception area is large enough for over a hundred quest I would guess. There are these beautiful lights the illuminate the area with a golden light. There is a large dance floor and a elevated location for your DJ. 

Heather and David's ceremony took place in the afternoon. The weather was gorgeous and the atmosphere was fun. The couple choose to do a costume wedding. The guest arrived in various costumes that made the wedding a unique event. Much like David and Heather. They have a unique personality and relationship you seldom find in todays fast paced world. It was truly my honor to watch and document the union of these two fabulous souls. I can only wish the two of them a lifetime of joy and happiness. 

Paradise Cove is a great place for your wedding and reception. If you are a fan of natural beauty than this is your place. Good luck in your wedding plans.

Location: 13245 Lake Bryan Dr, Orlando, FL 32821.