Lue Gardens Bride
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Lue Gardens Bride

Leu Gardens is a gorgeous place for your wedding. You can see the stunning back drop the Gardens provides behind Megan and Jordan. Taken after their first look Megan and Jordan look fantastic in this classic pose. The first look provides a few extra minutes for photos. In many cases we like to use this time to create dramatic couples portraits. When setting up this shot I am trying to create something that you will want to make a giant print out of and hang on your wall. Something like this hanging on your wall will look amazing. I would suggest always consider large prints to hand as artwork inside your home. There are so many things that make Leu Gardens a great place for your wedding. One of my favorite things is that it is so close to everything. Located in the middle of Orlando make for a very convenient location.  It's so helpful to have your wedding location in a place where you can take your wedding day portraits. While it's not off the beaten path, Leu Gardens gives you the feeling of being secluded. This makes for a relaxed photography atmosphere. I would definitely recommend Leu Gardens for your wedding destination. 

Location: 1920 N Forest Ave, Orlando, FL 32803.

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