Kissimmee Wedding Photos
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Kissimmee Wedding Photos

Kissimmee Lakefront Park Bridal Party. This was a wonderful wedding held at Holy Cross Catholic Church. I started the day with the bride and groom at the hotel. Before heading to the venue I started photographing the bride getting ready. We then took some images of the groom and groomsmen before returning to the brides room. We then photographed Stephanie putting on her dress and getting the final touches all settled. I truly enjoy this part of the day. it allows everyone to get comfortable with a camera around and it usually has some fun interactions with everyone involved. After the ceremony I like to take time photographing the family formals with both the bride and groom as well the bridal party. While this images would appear staged, it is actually a genuine moment. The groom and bridesmaids are directed to the location, however the interaction of the moment is completely genuine. I find this makes photographs much more compelling than those where every possible action is scripted. The pathway and structure in the background make a perfect backdrop to the photograph. We try to take advantage of all of the great locations during a wedding. I feel this only makes your final gallery more natural and authentic. 

Location: 201 Lakeview Dr, Kissimmee, FL 34741 .

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