Kissimmee Lakeshore Wedding Photos
Shane Edwards Photography

Kissimmee Lakeshore Wedding Photos

Kissimmee Lakeshore Park

I had never been to Kissimmee Lakeshore Park before. I was very impresses with how nice of an area this was. On this Saturday it was hoping with people, families and pets. There was a vibrant energy in the air. This energy spilled over into our bridal session. Stephanie and Nelson truly seemed to enjoy themselves. The couples portraits is one of the things I love about being a wedding photographer. I love taking a couples affection for each other and making it into a work of art. I love this beautiful black and white wedding photograph. It makes you feel like you were right there. You can feel the connection between the couple. Stephanie has a gorgeous dress from Davids Bridal. Nelson looks so handsome in his tuxedo. When you combine that with the sunny day at the park and the drama of a black and white photo. I feel it makes an very powerful statement. I enjoyed this time with a wonderful couple and wish them a lifetime of happiness. Kissimmee is a wonderful location for your wedding images. I would highly recommend Kissimmee Lakefront Park for your wedding or engagement photos. I hope you enjoy the image. 

Location: Kissimmee Lakefront Park. .