Church Wedding Photographer
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Church Wedding Photographer

Holy Cross Catholic Church is the back drop for this gorgeous image of Stephanie's Dad walking her down the isle. Stephanie's dress and vail follow behind like a beautiful train. Friends and family stand in honor and respect as two souls are about to come together. The ceremony was emotional, beautiful and inspirational. There aren't many things in life that are more inspirational to me than a wedding ceremony. I am old fashioned like that and I find peace in knowing that these two will spend eternity together. Catholic weddings are very detailed events. They are typically longer than many other ceremonies and have their own unique details. I have done several Catholic ceremonies and I always find myself amazed by the churches. Some of the most beautiful images come from these venues. Catholic churches will typically have very detailed and intricate art works, windows and alters. When you put all of these things together you have the opportunity to generate amazing images. Stephanie and Nelson looked fabulous for the ceremony and Holy Cross Catholic Church could not have been a better venue. You can find the church in Southwest Orlando. Image taken with Professional Nikon camera and lens. I hope you enjoy this image. 

Location: 12600 Marsfield Ave, Orlando, FL 32837.

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