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We have photographed many weddings over the last few years. One thing in common is our clients love our journalistic style mixed with a little editorial portraits. Read below to see if we are a good fit for you. 

Your wedding is probably the biggest party you will ever throw. Countless hours of planning, many hard earned dollars and probably a few headaches as well. 

Our goal is to document your day as it happens. We use a blend of journalistic and editorial techniques to create fun, natural and romantic images. The true satisfaction comes when you are looking back at your images and we have captured that one heartbeat of time that transports you back to that moment in time. That is when I know I have done my job as your photographer. These are the pictures that you will hold close to your heart. A small kiss you didn't know we captured, grandparents dancing the night away or even your best friends toast that brought tears to your eyes. 

Our best photographic art comes out when we work with clients who love our style. We work tirelessly from the day you book us until the delivery of the final product to create a memorable and enjoyable client experience. 

Journalistic + a little extra 

I use a blend of journalistic and editorial techniques to create fun, natural and romantic photography of your wedding day. During your ceremony and most of your day I will stay unobtrusive and out of the way. We tend to get to know many of your friends and family as we hide in the shadows documenting your day. The reasons for this is that I want your wedding day to unfold naturally. I don't want you and your guest to constantly be thinking of my camera. I believe this allows me to create authentic wedding day images. The best way to document an event is to blend in and be unnoticed. The exception to this rule is during the family formals. This is when we step to the front and order people around. We are not trying to be rude, but we realize everyone is on a timeline and we don't want to fall behind.  During your bridal prep, family formals and portrait sessions I will use more of an editorial approach to your photography. This allows us to create beautiful works of art for you and your family to enjoy for generations to come. 

Creative Portraits

During your engagement session I will teach you a few tricks to posing. I don't want you to feel awkward or overly posed. Once your wedding day rolls around these tips will feel more natural and will show in your portraits.  Our goal during the creative portraits is to create gorgeous images that show where you are, how you look and how you feel. The creative portion of the day should last around 30 minutes. Sometimes the session will last about 45 minutes. I will generally find a beautiful location with gorgeous light. I will give you a place to start your pose and then back off. I want you to talk, hold hands and laugh a little. This makes the images look very natural, fun and romantic. 

Fun, Natural and Romantic

This is our mantra throughout photography and life. While we will take any photograph you like we won't turn you down. We will also never ask you or your friends to stop and paste on an awkward smile just to get a picture. We try to avoid the trendy "Pinterest" images everyone must have. We opt for a more fun, natural and romantic image that will last for generations. We will document your unique day from beginning to end with a fun, natural and romantic style. 

Client Experience

To make thing simple I strive to create a fun, friendly and natural client experience. I make an effort to be one of your friends. I have found that when we connect as people are vision for your special day will connect as well. Life is crazy, stressful, messy, and also beautiful. Not only do I want to photograph your rollercoaster of emotions on your most important day. I also want to live it with you. If I sound like your kind of photographer then please contact me today. 

We use the finest labs in America to deliver beautiful one of a kind products that will last the test of time. Your entire gallery will be uploaded to a online website that you can easily view from anywhere in the world. You can share this online galley with your friends and family. To make things super simple you can even purchase all of your prints from the online gallery directly.  

- Thank you for your time

Shane Edwards